Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Thank You and More Marker Play

Today I started out my 'art every day' session by making a little 'thank you' for a special person who brings a little smile to my day once a month (and yet I'm not sure she even knows it).  I'm loving all of the new lettering ideas I'm learning and just had to play with this little tag to continue practising my skills.
Then it as off to the web to check in with Letter Love 101 and find out what we were doing for lesson 19. What fun!  I can't believe all of the wonderful ideas that Joanne has.  As soon as I finish this post I'm going to do some more of these.  

Who knows, maybe I'll actually write all of the words in the next one.  Do you see the error?  Yes, I'm missing the word 'away'.  Has that ever happened to you?  As you're writing, you say it in your head, but somehow not all of it transfers onto the page! LOL.  And, why is that second 'e' in keep  coloured in???  It's a good thing I can still laugh at myself :0)

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