Friday, February 3, 2012

Storyboard : Art Every Day

In Beyond Layers Kim has us working on time capsules and storyboards.  Since I've committed to doing art everyday, and Arbour*, the cat, and Casey are never far away they had to be included.  I've used the storyboard template Kim provided and added her "backin" texture after adding a gradient map at 69% to remove most of the colour and then adding a sepia filter to give it a warmer 'feel'.

*We got Arbour as a free kitten from a gardening centre and we couldn't come up with a good name for her.  The next morning, my husband took the nameless little fur-ball to the vet and when the vet walked in kitty arched her back and hissed at the vet.  The vet decided to name her for us: Arbour (as in the garden arbours that arch up in people's gardens as a passage way).  What can I say, it was already on her file at the vet's office so it stuck!


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