Friday, February 24, 2012

Recycling An Old Pair of Jeans = Journal To Go!

I've had an old pair of my husband's jeans lying on the studio floor since I used a bit of the denim in a piece of mixed-media art that I'm working on.  Today, as I glance down at them while doing something else I suddenly got a great idea.  This is where my husband would say, "Self praise is no praise." but I really do think it's a great idea :o)

I used the back of the jeans, pockets and all to make a journal cover.  It has a pocket on the front and back to hold a selection of your pens, markers, your aqua brush, etc.  You could even fit a few small rolls of washi tape (see note at end of post and click here for a DIY for making your own washi tape) in the pockets.  I used a bit of left over upholstery weight cotton to add a pop of colour.
Now you've got an easily portable journal so you can do "art every day" no matter where you are.  Wouldn't this be great on a long plane trip?  Australia is on my bucket list and the idea of being able to journal along the way would certainly make the long flight seem to pass faster.
I also found a bit of time to make a birthday card for one of my great nieces, so it's been a good day!
Note:  Someone in my Letter Love 101 class shared a wonderful link on making your own washi tape.  It's absolutely brilliant and so easy!  


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    1. My pleasure Beatrice. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Great idea and I love the card.

  3. Good day Linda, This is just to say a Big THANK YOU for sharing the washi tape idea. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT !!! I live in South Africa and have not been able to find this tape here and when i have tried to order on line , they wont supply to S.A. so you can imagine how excited I am. I have tried it now , this very minute with coloured tissue paper, printed floral tissue paper and some lovely printed serviettes and they all work wonderfully and it is so easy. I have not cut the paper to stick onto the tape, but have done it the other way round and stuck the tape to the paper and this works well. I have 5 different widths of the tape so you can imagine the fun I am going to have. I was very envious of you ladies being able to obtain the washi tape but now I will be able to make my very own . I am still trying to work out how to "pattern or embellish" the plain duct tape we can buy here, no patterned ones available here. I have tried with coloured markers and i doesnt look too bad but not as n ice as the ones you are able to buy. I see you have been doing Joannes letter love class and I love your work keep it up I subscribe to your blog so will keep an eye on future projects!!!
    This tape making is going to become as bad as making those coloured backgrounds , so addictive. I have really enjoyed the lettering classes and am very sad they will end soon, but then I suppose we will all have to get down to some work and produce some amazing lettering in our journals and projects.

    Thanks again, Regards, Heather Basson. from a sunny and hot Cape Town South Africa

    1. Heather, I'm thrilled that the washi tape tip is so useful for you and I love your idea of using printed tissue papers and napkins. Joanne's class is amazing and part of it is all the sharing and 'meeting' new friends like you. So glad you have stopped by and started following my blog. Look forward to hearing from you in the future.

  4. Love the use of jeans! I have saved several pairs and now to "get" to it. After my quilt guilds show in two weeks!

    1. Have fun with it Ruthanne. It's a great way to recycle and we get fun new stuff to use and enjoy. Best of luck with your upcoming quilt show!


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