Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Light of My Life

As I was creating compositions to photograph this weekend, I decided to use this wonderful antique floor lamp in a photo that I plan use to make a card for my wonderful husband.  We don't actually celebrate Valentine's day, but with Bill I truly feel like most days are Valentine's Days anyway! And yes, I am very lucky to be with such a super guy! ***sigh***

Mouse over photo to see the 'before' image.

Back to the photo...  After applying a couple of textures to the photo to warm it up and give it a bit of a vintage feel, I added a gradient layer that Kim generously gave us in Beyond Layers.  I wanted to add personalized text, done in hand lettering (to use my new found lettering skills from my Letter Love 101 course) but I didn't want to write on the printed photo.  I thought about how Kim makes textures and I figured out that I could write the text on paper, scan it in as a jpeg and then add it as a layer in Photoshop.  This also allowed me to write a little bigger and then scale it down on the photo.  I like how the text hugs the shape of the lamp and how the light seems to glow from lamp as well as on the teddy bears.


  1. I just love this photo and how it really glows.

    1. Thanks Marie. It was a fun little piece to work on.


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