Thursday, February 16, 2012

Better Late Than Never...

With Valentine's Day being on Tuesday and the Letter Love 101 course, I wanted to play with hearts and a 'love' message.  I started by making a large heart frame using zentangle type doodles.  Inside I wrote the quote and drew a few 'heart flowers'.

The next step was to add a textured background, again falling into the Zentangle style to create a sort of quilted effect.  I added a little shadowing with a grey Copic.
Finally I added some colour.  I lucked into a great deal yesterday when I went to visit my Mom in Kitchener.  I stopped by the Creative Sewing Centre and discovered that they were going out of business.  As such, they had everything in the store on sale.  My best find was the All Purpose Inks for Fantastixs by Tsukineko.  They had all sorts of wonderful colours all for 70% off!  I bought 22 different colours!  I used pinks and reds to colour this page, along with using Copic marker and Le Plume II markers. 


  1. Wow -- this is great! You are learning so much from that class!

    1. Thanks Kate. It really is the best online course I've taken and the value for money is wonderful (29 packed lessons for $35 and you have permanent access so you can revisit and watch the videos, etc. for as long as you want.


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