Friday, March 8, 2013

Plan B in the Works...

A while ago I posted about this art quilt in the making (here if you missed it), and I was looking for a 'Plan B' since my original vision for this piece was just not to be.  Well, after staring at it for a while, and considering a few different options, I think I've figured out the direction I want to go with this piece.

I've started with some surface design, using acrylic paint and some stencils.  I've also printed some text onto Lutradur, which I then hand painted using acrylic paints.  I'm not sure exactly how I plan to use the text on this piece, but it will come to me...

 As I continue to add to this piece, I'll take shots of each of the stages along the way so that you can see the 'during' as well as the eventual finished piece.  I must confess though, and those of you that know me probably know this about me, I really don't have an end in mind.  Since I tend to work intuitively, I've got some ideas and once I complete those stages I'll have to re-evaluate to see where I should go from there.  Eventually, I'll get to a place where I'm happy with it and that's when I'll stop...I hope!  I have occasionally gone past that point with some regrets :P


  1. Linda I really love the way you experiment with different materials, not being put off by things going a little wrong, in reality things never really go wrong if they are used as a stepping stone to create something even better than what was originally planned. I remember at school being told to write essay plans in English lessons, I didn't like doing it as I prefered the write and see where it goes method, much more fun :) looking forward to seeing where this experiment goes.

    1. Thanks Morag. You're so right. Often the end result is much better than the first vision if you can just be open to where it takes you. Interesting comment about the writing plans too. As a teacher, I encourage young students to complete such plans to help then figure out where they plan to go with their writing and yet for me things tend to be much more intuitive. I wonder if some of those kids would benefit from a more freer approach to their writing.

  2. Very interesting Linda, beautiful blues, i wonder how this will end up!

    1. Thanks Joyce. I'm wondering that too LOL. I'm please with the direction it's going for the moment.


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