Sunday, March 24, 2013

Exploring New Materials...

On Friday, I was reminded of some Magic Stamp moldable foam stamps that I bought a very long time ago but had never yet tried.  I also managed to get my hands on some deli paper thanks to Sandra, a friend in Cambridge, so yesterday I was in the studio playing with some new techniques.  I especially liked the result I got when using buttons and some round/spiral paper clips with the moldable stamps.  I painted the deli paper with a thin layer of white gesso and then stamped onto it using various stencils and my newly molded stamps.
This image shows the deli paper stamped with sequin waste, the mesh from a grapefruit sack and the molded stamp.

On this other photo, you can see the button stamp.  I tore up the deli paper and used it as the background for a journal spread.

Although it doesn't show well in this photo, the black and white images show through the acrylic paint nicely to create some good texture to the page.

I used a white pen and wrote a bunch of journalling on the page, as I was thinking about something I'm currently reading and reflecting on the connections I'm making to some things in my past.  Thus the "Try to make sense of it" that I wrote in the circles.

Not my favourite art journal page, but it is probably one of my more productive ones in terms of actually doing some meaningful journalling.


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