Sunday, March 10, 2013

Better Than A Groundhog...

Yesterday was a spectacular day...Spring is in the air and the temperature was up around 5ºC so I spent a few hours outside 'strolling' with Casey, our golden retriever.  Casey has always loved playing in snow and burrowing her face in it.  Ever since she was a puppy (she's getting close to 13 yrs. old) she signalled the start of Spring for us by insisting that she walk in/on all of the snowbanks.  Last week she was content to walk on cleared sidewalks, but now she has to have her feet in the snow.  It's as if she knows that it will soon be gone and she has to enjoy every last bit of it. Like I say, she's been doing this since she was a puppy...she's more reliable than the groundhogs as far as I'm concerned!

In addition to spending time outside enjoying the weather, I also worked on this art quilt for a few hours. I'm really pleased with how it is coming along.  You can see I've been sewing the painted Lutradur text onto it, word by word.  I've been working from the bottom and therefore have to recreate the message backwards as I go.  My cat was 'helping' by knocking words to the floor and just generally mixing them up for me, so for the time being she has been banned from the studio.  I'm having enough trouble and have to constantly re-read the statements as I go to ensure they're making sense.

And, as things go, the longer I work at it the less things sound right so I've had to walk away from it for now.


  1. Casey looks like a very sweet canine pal! She's very pretty too!

    Your quilt is coming along nicely. I walk away from things a lot. It almost always helps. I look forward to seeing your finished piece!

    Best Wishes for a Fabulous Day,

  2. Loving the quilt! Can't wait to see the finished piece. And Casey...well...what is not to love? I enjoy snow stories that include dogs!!!!

    1. Thanks Amie. I love working this way...where the finished piece will be almost as much of a surprise to me as to others! And you are right about Casey...totally loveable!

  3. your pup is beautiful! such a love!

    thanks for coming by today and leaving a comment! really appreciate it!


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