Friday, October 18, 2013

Creativity Is Taking A Back Seat...Time For Some Repairs...

I've had to put aside my creative sewing and art for a bit so I can spend some time repairing my first every quilt.  I made it fourteen years ago for my son's room in the new house (builders had not even broken ground when I started this quilt).

We had already chosen the colour scheme for this yet to be built room, and the fabric was chosen to compliment the navy/taupe colour scheme.

This quilt has been to Ottawa for Lucas' undergrad years and is now in Toronto with him as he studies Law.  On the weekend he let me know that the quilt was starting to fall apart in places.  I think it is the lack of heavy quilting since it was only 'stitched in the ditch' and it is such a well loved and well used quilt that limited quilting just couldn't stand up to the tough wear and tear of a teenager and now young man.

I offered to make a new quilt, but that was not well received.  It seems Lucas really appreciates the fact that he is the owner of my first quilt and he has a lot of sentimental value attached to this.  Repairs are under way!  Perhaps after repairing it I'll add more quilting to see it that will add to it's longevity.


  1. Good plan! Your son will be looking after you when you're old, so it's a good idea to give him whatever he wants now. LOL! Why don't you repair the old one, and also plan to make him a new quilt. Then he can split his time between the two and save the wear and tear on the old one. Just an idea!

    1. LOL! So true. I've been thinking the same thing...I'll let him choose the fabrics from my stash when he's home for Christmas.


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