Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Adding Texture With Hand Stitch and Revamping the Group Of Eight's Blog...

Last week I posted about some inspiration I got from some wonderful threads my friend Heather gave me. Well, it would seem other art has been set aside and this has been my focus for the last couple of days.  I designed and pieced the components of this new piece, yet to be named, and I've been adding some texture with hand stitch.  I'm really enjoying using the Sorbello stitch (thanks again to Heather for teaching it to me!). I'm also adding other hand stitch to various areas before I move back to the machine to add some dense quilting.  I'm still amazed that this all started because my friend gave me a pretty skein of interesting thread! (Leah, I believe this is what you'd call a squirrel. LOL)

But, prior to working on this piece, the weekend was spent revamping the Group of Eight Fibre Artists blog.  Please pop by to see the new format, learn more about our fibre art group  and 'meet' the other artists in the group.  There are a few artists I'm still working with to get photos taken of their work, but most of the galleries are ready for viewing!

I'm linking to WIP Wednesday at Needle And Thread Network.


  1. your handstitching looks so intriguing, I wonder how thick is the thread?
    And thank you for the link to "GOE" blog, I enjoyed visiting other artists also!

    1. Thanks. The peach and blue threads are both 'ribbon' threads and they're about 3mm wide. I have to use a large darning needle to stitch with them.
      I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to our GOE blog.

  2. Love the stitching. Very nice.


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