Monday, September 14, 2015

Mixed Feelings...

Hand stitching French knots ad naseam...
I have real mixed feelings as I write today's post. 

When I started writing this blog I was going through some challenges due to my recovery from an accident and the subsequent physical and mental health issues that reared their ugly heads. My daily art time became a lifesaver, in some ways quite literally, and this blog gave me a way to reach out and share what I was doing with ;o)...when I couldn't bring myself to interact with people in a physical sense.  It gave me a connection to the world from the safety of my studio!

A Wafer 'selfie'

A lot of time has passed, and with that has come a lot of healing and acceptance of who I have some ways very much who I was before, and in other ways a very different person.

Happily, I have been in a much better place for quite some time, and I'm back out in the world living life and giving back to others. 

As you know if you've followed my blog for a while, I now foster future dog guide puppies for the Lion's Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.  Wafer, now 8 months old is my third foster puppy and puppy number four is due to be born in around ten days and will come home to me in early November.

Mom and Wafer check out a little black lab
while we stop by Dog Guides to pick up food.
This little one went home with it's
foster family later that same week.
My mom, pictured here the day before her 88th birthday, enjoys the puppies immensely and takes great delight in being able to cuddle the little ones. It was by luck that she got to meet this little fellow since she was in the car with me when I stopped by to pick up some more food for Wafer.

In addition to doing my fibre art and some art journalling, I manage to do an occasional 'traditional' quilt too. This 'I Spy' quilt was made for my niece and her darling little ones. They're now enjoying it both as a game and a quilt to cuddle up with on family movie nights.

Next up is a queen sized quilt for my son to replace the much loved and used quilt he has...the first one I ever made.

The cottage is another great part of what takes up my time. In addition to providing relaxation and time with family and friends...boy did we have a never ending full house this summer :o) also gives me incredible opportunities to teach the puppies. Wafer is fascinated by the chipmunks, and would love to play with them, but she knows that she must "leave it". As you can see, she watches closely while I hand feed them, and they have learned not to worry too much about her either.

I tell you all of this to say that life is great, and busy...and so, I have decided the time has come to let this blog go. This summer was a bit of a test, to see if I could in fact do just that and I found that my need to post regularly is no longer the driving force it once was.

I thank you all for your company over the wouldn't have been the joy it was without knowing you were there to read my posts and share in my art, photography and puppiness! And a special thank you to those of you who regularly left comments. I feel I have made a lot of friends and I will miss that connection.

Having said that, I will continue to be active on Facebook and Instagram, where I will share my art, both in progress and completed work, as well as pictures of my foster puppies.

Thanks for coming along for the ride...
...too cheesy, right...but the sun is setting on my blog journey ;o)