Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow Dyeing Reveal...

As promised, here are the pieces I snow dyed the other day.


If you looked at the previous post, these two were from bin 2

 This is the result of the bin 1 dyeing.
 And my favourite, the result of the bin 3 dyeing.

This crazy piece was in bin 1, but it didn't take the dye too well. It's a piece that has been used for a wipe up cloth, then had some left over setacolour paint poured over it while it was folded and crumpled, and now it's been snow dyed.  It has some interesting potential in small pieces perhaps.

I also had these skeins of crochet cotton in the bins. Some nice variegation...

I think I'll do some more of this.  We've certainly got enough snow!!!


  1. Pretty fabrics. I love the last one with all the layers of color.

  2. How kewl! I'd never heard of this before. But we'd have to borrow some snow! ;) We did bogolanfini on Kaua'i since there were so many kinds of soil. Fun to get out and play! Can't wait to see what you do with these! ♥

    1. I do wish I could send you some. We've certainly got more than our fair share this year! And yes, it's always so much fun to play with such things and see what results.

  3. Linda, I have never heard of snow dying before but am so glad you tried it for us! Those fabrics are delicious! How cool- I think I shall google it also!
    had to tell you, I really love your new do and picture- you look great!

    1. Thanks Jackie. I'm glad to have introduced you to something new. With all the snow we have this year I figured it was time to do something creative with it!


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