Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Adding Stitch...

Adding texture with machine stitch
Last week I posted about Angie Hughes' book and showed you the first stages in the piece I've started based on her technique.  So much for putting it out in the sun to dry faster...LOL...I've been juggling several projects and while that was drying I got busy with something else.  I finally got back to it to add the machine stitch, giving the piece even more texture.
Long threads created with 'jump stitch'
Angie uses a stitch she calls a 'jump stitch' in which you set the machine for free motion stitch, do a few stitches in place and then 'jump' to another spot, leaving long threads between the areas you're tacking down.  After the stitching was done gesso was painted onto the entire surface to seal the piece, getting it ready for the acrylic paint. Time to let it dry again so I'll pick up another ongoing piece and continue on this another day.


  1. interesting project you've got going there...

  2. That is an interesting idea for creating stitching on a piece... now to begin to imagine where and when to use the technique!

    1. Thanks Susan. Take a look at my finished pieces in Friday's post. It makes a fabulous journal cover.


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