Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pearl Pen Doodling

Here are the two Pearl Pen doodles I started at Saturday's Decorative Doodling class.  This was a lot of fun, but it will take some practise to write with the Pearl paint pens.  You've got to keep moving at a steady pace, without touching the page or you get globs and ridges in the paint.   I added the doodles using a Pitt pen before painting with 'Twinks'.  I do love the shimmer in those watercolours with the mica!


  1. Lovely doodling Linda, are the pearl pens the same as Pebeo liners? I'm always loking for shimmery media ideas t experiment with this looks a great idea.

    1. Thanks Morag. I'm not familiar with Pebeo liners, but here's a link to the Pearl Pens.


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