Monday, February 18, 2013

I Need A Plan 'B'...

A few days ago I posted about an experiment I was trying based on something I had read online over a year ago.  Well, unfortunately either I am not remembering things correctly or I'm just unlucky. 

This is the piece I've been working on and after hours of piecing and wrestling with grass trimmer plastic to do the free motion quilting, it was supposed to shrink!  The small sample piece of wool that I tested shrank, but this piece, which is entirely backed in the same wool, unfortunately did not get the memo!  I used the sanitize cycle on my washer and the hottest setting on the dryer...You can be sure that if they were a pair of pants or a favourite sweater they'd now fit a Barbie, but sadly when I wanted, even needed, this to shrink considerably...nothing!  

I guess I can be happy that at least the dyeing process worked as I had planned.  If you compare the before and after images you can see that the after image, while still having a pleasing variations to the different shades of blue, has a more cohesive look to the colour.  But, instead of having a really interesting textural piece, I have a rather boring blue quilt...certainly not the 'fibre art' I was shooting for!
And so, I need to figure out a plan 'B'.  I have no idea where I will go from here...

What do you do with a very boring blue 'quilt' with funny plastic strips running through it?  I'll have to ponder this for a while and get back to you...



  1. I'm not into fiber art at all...and so admire everything you I have no idea if this is even a possibility: but could you cut out "undersea" objects out of other fibers and sew them just looks like "water" to me.....and perhaps applique items like seaweed, fish, coral, etc over this could make it pop. Just a thought....tho personally, I think it still looks pretty darn cool as it is!

    1. I'm actually thinking about something along those lines, but not conventional applique...I'll see if it works, but thanks for your ideas. You're so sweet to take some time to consider the "what next" dilemma I find myself in...

  2. The colors and piecing are gorgeous. It is hard to say for sure without seeintg it in person, but using the pieced fabric for the basis of a fun bag (probably more than one) is an idea if you were willing to cut it up to create something new. Something with some beading?

    1. Thanks Beth. If plan 'B' doesn't work that idea may become plan 'C' LOL

  3. Did you try zapping parts with a heat gun? Might be worth a shot.
    Stay inspired!


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