Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photo Cards

I've been looking at some of my photography, as well as many of the wonderful comments that you've been making about them and I decided that I would use some of them to make greeting cards.

I have been making my own greeting cards for a while now, but this is the first time I've used them for greeting cards.

Ironically, these two pictures were taken with pretty poor lighting on my iPhone, so they don't do the cards justice.  I've written where the photos were taken on the backs of the cards so that the recipients will know a little more about the images.

If you're interested in seeing some of the other greeting cards I've made, using collage, paint, stitch, etc., you may see them by clicking on these links:
collaged cards,
lettered & collaged card,
machine stitched surface designed fabric,
acrylic paint,
hand stitched cards,
and handmade paper & machine stitch


  1. Creative cards are so much more special than the most expensive commercial ones. I save and treasure any I get. Yours are lovely.

    1. Thank you Sandy. I certainly enjoy making them and giving them to my family and friends. It's a nice, personal touch when you take the time to share something you made yourself.

  2. Great idea! Lovely way to complement your already lovely cards! Kathy p.s. I love sunsets/sunrises/loons/wildlife or any photos from the lake! xx

    1. Thanks. Glad you like them. And thanks for the not so subtle hint. LOL I'll keep that in mind come July. :o)


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