Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kindness Chronicles

Today is the first Sunday in May and time again for the Kindness Chronicles.  

This month, I created a photo art piece that demonstrated the bravery of firefighters (see it here).  It wasn't my intention at the time to do something kind, but when I read the many comments and discovered how the piece had impacted some of my readers, I realized that it had touched people and they were thankful for my acknowledgement of what these brave men and women do for us.  I decided to send the photo to our local fire chief, as well as the fire chief in Magnetawan, where the original picture was taken, and asked them to share it with their staff as a way of thanking them for all that they do. 

It seems I can't talk about kindness without mentioning my wonderful husband.  As you may have read in previous posts, Bill is an amazing woodworker and he creates beautifully artistic cutting boards (see them here and here).  This month, while at the vet's office with our dog Casey, our vet was asking Bill about what woodworking he had been up to lately.  Bill told him about the cutting boards and Evan was most interested.  Later that afternoon, Bill returned to the vet's office and offered Evan a deal.  He would give him a cutting board with the condition that when someone came in with an animal that needed care but couldn't afford it, Evan would 'pay it forward' by offering his veterinary services for free.  Evan loved the idea and is now the happy owner of one of Bill's cutting boards.

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  1. My brother is a fireman so I appreciate you doing something for them. And we have 3 dogs so I appreciate you doing something for the Vet with the understanding he pay it forward. One of our dogs had a horrible bladder infection recently & had to stay a week. We had taken her from a rescue shelter & they asked us to take another one as well. So, someone helped us pay for it when the bills piled up after she stayed a week.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. It really means a lot to hear from someone who has been helped by this type of kindness. You've just made my day.

  2. oh, wonderful! The firefighters will appreciate it. and I adore the story of your husband and the vet! I'm inspired to try and do something like that with my local vet...thanks!

    1. Thanks Jane. I'm glad you're inspired to make some arrangement with your vet. I'll look forward to reading about it in a future Kindness Chronicle addition.


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