Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Texture Tuesday: Soft

Today's Texture Tuesday theme is soft and as you would have it, while walking my dog yesterday I came across these wonderful milkweed seed pods that had opened to release the silky, soft seeds within.  I decided to try to soften the overall image using one of Kim's wonderful textures at a fairly low opacity of the soft light blending mode.  I had to remove the texture from the actual seeds because they became too washed out, but I think I have achieved the softness I was going for.  I also used the tricks that Kim taught last week to soften the edges of the image, framing it with the same softness.

Mouse over photo to see the 'before' image.


  1. cool image - perfect subject matter for the "soft" theme.

    1. Thanks Pat. Milkweed pods are really beautiful aren't they.

  2. Such a beautiful, soft image. , I have never seen them, would love to feel them.

  3. I really love this picture. While walking my dogs during this past summer I was collecting these very same silk purses. I've been collecting them to include them with an encaustic piece which hasn't developed yet. They are so beautiful and even without the fluffy seeds the case hardens wonderfully so that it can be painted. I really want to showcase them in something...someday.

  4. Thanks Leah. Nature sure does provide some wonderful inspiration for our art!


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