Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Kindness Chronicles

Hello again.  It's the first Sunday of the month and time to share The Kindness Chronicles.  This month I'm focussing on all the kindness that I've been noticing around me.

Two weeks ago I came across a blog post on a blog called, "What a Ride".  This wonderful woman and her two children spent her 35th birthday doing random acts of kindness.  In her post she describes their day.  Awesome!

I've decided that my husband is the poster child for kindness.  In addition to the wonderfully thoughtful things he does for me every day, he makes beautiful woodwork.  He goes in cycles, for a while it was beautiful pens with celtic knots in them, currently he's making end-grain cutting boards that are works of art.  The amazing thing is that although we see these sorts of things for sale for big prices (pens for around $50 and hand crafted end-grain cutting boards in the $300 dollar range), my husband gives them away.  Everyone from friends, family, our banker, his doctor, dentist, etc. have one of his wonderful pens, and many of our friends have received cutting boards too.  He's like a little boy on Christmas morning as he watches the expression on people's faces when he tells them it is for them to use and enjoy.

Our Golden, Casey, with her puppy friend, Buddy.
My neighbour Brenda and her son Rick probably have no idea how they've been affecting me lately.  You see, they got a new puppy three weeks ago and whenever they walk by our yard they always stop for a chat and visit so that I can have my "puppy fix".  There is nothing like a new puppy's snuggles to brighten my day!

I try to cycle for a couple of hours daily for my physical and mental well-being.  The other day while I was out, my chain came off.  In spite of the fact he was all dressed up to do an open house, a young realtor stopped to ask if he could help.  I wouldn't let him actually touch anything (no point in both of us touching that well greased chain) but he did teach me something that I didn't know about my bike which made it so easy to put the chain back on.  I can't wait until my son gets back from university so I can teach him this tip!
On that same ride, I stopped to get something out of my back pannier and a couple of minutes later another cyclist came along and asked if I needed any help before he continued on past.  How reassuring to know that if I really ran into trouble while out cycling there would be people offering assistance.  There are a lot of wonderful people in the world!

Please drop by Lyric Kinard and Jane LaFazio's blogs to read about their Kindness Chronicles.  Thanks for visiting.

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