Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Denim Series Finishes...At Least For Now

The final piece in the series, goes back to using some rust dyed fabric along with a piece of hand dyed coral 'waffle' fabric.  The French knots found their way onto this piece as well.  I seem to be in a bit of a French knot kick these days.  The coral fabric seemed to invite simple cross stitch in those wonderful little square depressions and I decided to use a simple running stitch to provide some movement in the rust dyed area.  The mono printed denim was machine quilted using a repeating squared spiral pattern.  Since I wanted to leave on the two buttons from the original denim shirt, I've called this piece "Two Random Buttons".


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    1. Thanks Lynda! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  2. Maybe your husband needs to donate another shirt...

    1. LOL I know where his closet is Jean ;o)

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    1. Thanks. It was a fun little series to work on.


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