Monday, April 15, 2013

Look Around...

This journal spread was inspired by Carissa Paige's "21 Secrets" lessons.  I had fun just freely laying down colour and then drawing/scribbling over it with Inktense pencils.  I love that the Inktense becomes permanent once wet and then dried so that you can go ahead and add more layers over top.  Carissa's idea of using photos of yourself and then painting over them was fun and since I had a photocopy of my profile pic (which I had used to help me draw my face for the painted portrait I did a few days ago), I decided just to use the glasses and my eyes since my message was all about looking around and seeing what's around you.


  1. Hi Linda - isn't 21 Secrets fun! I am having a blast. I wanted to respond to your question about the cart you say on my blog post. So here is the info along with the product number but this is from the Canadian catalog and not sure if it is the same number everywhere
    Kitchen cart, turquoise
    Article Number : 302.165.36

    Good luck

    1. Thanks so much Cathy! I found the cart after further searching online and I've already picked it up and put it together. I love it.

      I just finished your lessons and love the resulting journal spread. So much fun!!!

  2. Great job Linda! Your colours are so bright and happy. I just finished Terri Kahrs's class on 21 secrets. I will be starting Carrisa's next. Cheers, Jane

    1. Thank you Jane. So far I've done Carissa's and Cathy Bluteau's...19 left to go!


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