Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Work in Progress...

Yesterday I was going between a few different activities in my studio.  I can't seem to stay focussed on one thing for very long these days, so I've been starting a lot but not finishing anything...'sigh'.

Back in the Spring, I started to photograph numbers while out on my cycling trips.  It made for some disjointed rides since I was always stopping and pulling out my iPhone, but I ended up with a great collection of numbers from everything from road signs and telephone poles to rural mailboxes and house numbers.  I'm now starting an art quilt using my recently marbled fabric and those photographs.  Here's a bit of a preview of it.  So far I've transfered the images onto fabric and started to piece some of it.

As you know from previous posts, I've also been setting up a calendar journal for 2013. You can see the first three pages by clicking on these links: JanuaryFebruary, and March.  Well, today I got started on the drawings for the April page.  I'm afraid it's a bit cliche since I've gone with raindrops as the shape, but I've also added a few fun bits cut out of magazines.  I'm planning to use the Peerless watercolour paints to colour this page.

Hopefully I'll have some finished work to show you soon...thanks for your visit :o)


  1. I love the raindrop with the legs! I enjoyed your last post on Peerless watercolors and watched Jane's video. Oh, so tempting, but I'm just making a concerted effort to paint with acrylics and can't affor another detour.... I'm signing up for a painting class to provide extra motivation.

    1. Thanks Jean. I had those funny little legs and I just had to use them. Have fun with that painting class. But remember, when it comes to fun art supplies, resistance is futile! :o)


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