Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dream Cat

Today I was working with some more of my newly marbled fabric and I got side tracked making a couple of ATCs.  I thread sketched the cats and then stitched on the little 'dream' charm so it would hang from the end of the tail.  I also used some TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) to add the words 'enjoy the journey'.  Considering that I was finishing the one for this months swap as my friends were coming up the driveway, I'm please to say I'm ahead of the game for the January swap!  As usual, I've made two so that I can keep one.  I like doing this because I can look through my collection to see all of the ones I have given as well as those I have received.


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    1. Thanks Kit! Hope you're inside, staying out of this nasty freezing rain.


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