Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Machine Lace Bowl

I was looking for a distraction this morning so I decided to use some scraps of thread and organza to create a machine lace bowl.  I used an embroidery hoop to hold the 2 layers of water solvable plastic.  You can use Solvy (brand name) but I tried using a dissolvable laundry bag that they use in hospitals.  I picked one up last year in the vendors market of a quilt show and decided it was time to try it.  It worked great and is just a fraction of the price.  Now I need to find a hospital supply source so I can get more!

Anyway, I sandwiched the snippets of thread, eyelash yarn and organza between the 2 layers and then heavily machine stitched to catch all the bits and create the lacy look.  I trimmed away the extra pieces of solvable plastic from around the outer edges, being careful not to cut the ragged edges of the 'lace' and then I submerged the piece in cool water to dissolve the plastic.  The wet piece was then draped over a bowl and left to dry.

It's a nice decorative piece, but I'm thinking that I may look around for some inexpensive class bowls so that the next one I do is lined with glass so it could actually but used as a candy dish or something similar.  The trick is to find the size and shape of clear glass bowl so that you can still see the lace.  Another thought might be to look for a coloured glass that would still be transparent but had a complimentary colour to highlight the lace.


  1. Very cool! Does it keep it's shape without adding starch or some other stiffener

  2. It does hold it's shape. I only rinsed it to get the visible water solvable stabilizer out so there is probably enough to give it some structure. There's also a product called Paverpol that is a fabric stiffener. If you want a very firm bowl you could try that. It comes in clear as well as black, bronze and terra cotta.

  3. Wow, very creative and resourceful. It turns out really fantastic. =)

  4. Love it...I'd really like to give this a try. You really have a nack with colour combinations. Whenever I try something like this I end up with just a muddle.

    1. Thanks Leah. Make sure you have lots of thread! LOL


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