Friday, May 13, 2011

Aluminum Foil Postcard and ATCs

I've been playing with aluminum foil lately as I work through an online workshop called Inspired Surfaces on the Fibre in Form website.  Carol McFee and Lynda Monk are the instructors.  It's slow going since I have to read all of the instructions over several times to understand them (due to an acquired brain injury).  Fortunately there are lots of illustrations to help clarify the text!  Anyway, I've made a couple of ATCs and a postcard to showcase what I've managed to do so far.  I love working with new everyday materials that are readily available around the house.

And yes Donna, I put a bird on it!

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  1. Those are really cool. Do you need a special needle to sew through foil? Seems like it could cause problems for your machine. I really want to try that.


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