Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DLP Week 13: My Unique Elements are Blooming...

So for this weeks DLP 2015 I decided to play around with marbling on paper using nail polish to create my unique 'custom elements'. Chalk that one up to experience...it's a first and a last. It turns out its a very stinky process (I guess I could have figured that out) and the results were not terribly satisfying! However, not wanting to waste anything, I went ahead and used the flower shaped post-it notes on which I had tried the technique and added lots of doodles with paint markers and black and white pens.

What's that...

...yup, I smell Spring in the air!


  1. Funny. I tried it several years ago with great success. I used watercolor paper (the cheap kind). I then cut it and made earrings. Several coats of modpodge. I sold them and wore them in good and rainy weather. No problem. Thanks for reminding me about that. Madelyn

  2. Maybe fresher, slower drying nail polish would work better. But I guess it'll still smell bad. LOL Your earrings sound interesting Madelyn.


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