Saturday, February 7, 2015

DLP Week 5: Shades of Grey

This week's DLP 2015 challenge was to use 'under paper', that wonderful paper you end up with while working on something else because you've splattered spray on it, cleaned you brushes and roller on it, etc.

I don't have any process pictures this week, partly because the process was much shorter. I loved the piece of under paper so I wanted to let it shine! The petals of the flowers were cut from another piece of under paper that complemented the colour scheme (or lack there of). A very simple collage, highlighted with a bit of white pen doodle and some lettering and I called it done!


  1. Love the simplicity of the process, the final composition and the message. Nice work!

    1. Thanks. I love how the beautiful piece of 'under paper' dictated the colour scheme for the entire spread. I tend to use more colour, but I just love this spread!


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