Monday, September 29, 2014

Yoshi's Beach Vacation...

Yoshi has been exploring the east coast of the US from Cape Cod south to the Outer Banks in North Carolina and she's now seriously considering becoming a beach bum instead of a service dog (LOL).  She has been really enjoying playing on the beach and all of the interesting (and stinky) things she's finding!

Hopefully I'll be back to some fibre art soon, but until then I thought you might enjoy a puppy fix!

"My mean Mom wouldn't let me keep any of these great treasures, but I did find a tennis ball and she did let me keep it." sigh, Yoshi


  1. OMGosh!!! I love the video and the photos!! thanks so much for the update on your sweet il girl!! How adorable when she slid down the sand bank!!! what a curious playful little baby! I love Yoshi!!

    1. Thanks Jackie. Yoshi certainly loved our visit to the ocean! It was hard to leave the wonderful beaches behind, but we had returned home...and we're missing the ocean already!


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