Friday, April 4, 2014

Embellishing the Text...

I last posted about this piece here, when I had added the text using painted fusible web. Well, I've finally found my way back to it (life's been getting in the way!) and I've now finished another step in the process. I've layered the batting under the top (no backing yet), and free motion stitched around all of the text to outline it.

As you can see, I've also begun the hand stitching on the text to add a little more texture and interest.  So far I've just finished the first word, but I'll catch up on some TV listening and hopefully get all of this stitching done in the next few days.  I'm using one of my hand dyed cotton threads for the stitching. Once all of the hand stitching is done, I'll add the backing and then finish the machine quilting.  By doing it this way, any 'messiness' that may result on the back from my hand stitching will be covered!


  1. Will keep watching and waiting....
    I love that you dye and use your own threads- so talented you are Linda! ")

    1. Thanks Jackie. It's great to be able to use all of my own dyed and painted fibres..

  2. Looks just like Linda Kemshall's inspiration! nicely done.

    1. Thanks Robbie. I knew as soon as I saw Linda Kemshall's demonstration of this technique that it would be perfect for this piece.


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