Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Lights...

Last weekend, we ended up with a lot of snow, and although I'm not a really big fan of the white stuff, it does make for some really pretty photography, especially when the trees and bushes are decorated for Christmas.

This is the same cedar tree, shot with and without the flash.  I love how the flash captured the falling snow, but the shot without the flash gives more depth and colour to the lights.

In these shots, I love how the colour glows through the deep snow...later, the bit of heat from the bulbs caused the snow to melt away leaving interesting holes.


  1. The snow definitely adds to the beauty! I think if you shot that at night in the snow using a tripod and a long exposure you would be able to capture the snow and the lighting without flash. Maybe??? Worth a try sometime, and probably plenty of winter left to see. HOpe that you have a wonderful christmas. Will be over before we know it!

    1. Thanks Jeanne. You're right. I don't use my tripod nearly enough! Merry Christmas to you too!


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