Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Travelling Journal...

Thanks to Joanna Grant who started the project, I'm participating in the Great Canadian Travelling Art Journal project.  This art journal is making it's way to various artists all across Canada, each who is contributing a page to the completed journal.  Joanna created the journal using recycled greeting cards on which she started some of the backgrounds.  Each artist, in turn was then to choose a page and finish it as they saw fit.

Last week I met up with Norina, one of the other participants, who passed the journal on to me.

The timing is interesting as I feel I'm at a serious crossroad in my life and I'm considering a very important decision.  Even my fortune is telling me to trust my choice!

Kim, it's coming your way!


  1. Linda, what a cool, COOL page you have done! I am so thrilled at the response we've had to doing this journal. I can't wait to see it when it's done. Cheers! Joanna

    1. Thanks Joanna. It was a great idea and I look forward to see the good it can hopefully do when it's auctioned off!

  2. Your page is so creative. I love the way all the elements flow together.

    1. Thanks Jakie. Even my fortune cookie message worked that day!


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