Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just Had to Play Along...

original image
Kim's challenge in Beyond Layers today was to use an image she provided, as well as the latest texture she gave us (both seen to the right) and create our own version, on which we had added a quote.  Well, seeing as the texture was named after me, I just had to play along!

If you're interested, here's my 'recipe':

kk_linda texture

  • duplicate the background image
  • crop
  • add kk_linda (blend mode: soft light 100%)
  • duplicated background image again and moved it to the top layer (blend mode: soft light 100%)
  • add 2nd layer of kk_linda (blend mode: vivid light 19%)
  • add 3rd layer of kk_linda (blend mode: multiply 75%)
  • added an adjustment layer:  cooling filter (82) at 8% density
  • did a levels adjustment
  • added a subtle frame by using the rectangular marque tool to do an inverse selection...used a colour fill adjustment, selecting a colour from the image and then used a multiply blend mode at 29% for that layer
  • add text - font is called 'sweetly broken'


  1. Beautiful quote...and the texture looks just like you ;)

  2. Linda this is a great shot and i do love the quote on it! It is so true, and something to ponder and remember!

  3. Love the crop you did and wonderful work and great quote !!

  4. Beautiful editing and great quote, Linda !
    Nice week,

    1. Thanks Sylvia. Hope you have a great week too!

  5. Beautiful edit and quote.

    1. Thanks! Have a wonderfully creative week!


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