Monday, July 16, 2012

Colour Sampling

Today it's raining, so I decided to catch up on some of my Beyond Layers lessons.  This lesson from a couple of weeks ago had Kim teaching us how to create a colour storyboard using a photo and sampling colours from the image.  I love all of the great tip Kim gives us.  I had done this sort of thing before, but Kim taught me a few more tricks to make the process faster and easier.

This sunset photo was taken about a week ago.  I love the silhouette of the paddlers in their canoe as they make their way toward the island in front of our cottage.


  1. The color sampling makes a pretty border, but is there another purpose to it? Good job, catching the canoe in your photo!

    1. Thanks Jean. If I want to use a photo for inspiration for a piece of art, this allows me to easily match colours as I choose threads, beads, fabrics, etc.

  2. What a beautiful taken on the assignment, lovely canoe and sky color. :)


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