Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"In The Doghouse!"

Photos missing thanks to computer gremlins.  Sorry...

Okay, here's the story...

The other day we decided to leave Casey alone in the 5th wheel for a couple of hours while we were out.  Well, it turns out that she has developed some separation anxiety issues and while we were gone she decided to get out and look for us.  As you can see from the photo, she ripped the screen and then bit (yes I said bit, not scratched) her way through the fibreglass door and into the styrofoam insulation.  When we got back, there were bits of fibreglass, pink bloodstained styrofoam and a very relieved dog waiting for us when we opened the door.

 Naturally, at first we were not too happy, but we realize it is human error.  Casey will be 12 years old tomorrow and she has been crate trained, but we forgot to bring her crate with us.  At home, when ever she is unsettled by something she goes into her crate and she feels safe and secure.

As you can see, we were able to buy a bit of fibreglass, some screws and some screening and the problem is fixed.  It's not perfect, but then again what is in life?
Fibreglass sheet, screws and screening=$8.00
A new dog crate=$69.00
Piece of mind for Casey and us=PRICELESS!

As soon as I set up the crate and put her stinky old bed inside, Casey got in, lay down and snoozed for 2 hours.  Everybody's happy! :~)

And the added bonus is that now we done have to lug a crate back and forth to the cottage.  We can leave one at home and one up at the lake.


  1. It's good when we're able to see things from our pet's point of view.

  2. Oh, so glad to know everything turned out fine. What a sweet dog!

    1. Thanks Kate. We've certainly learned from the experience.

  3. Glad Casey's okay! Great repair job! Enjoy your camping! xx Kathy

    1. Thanks Kathy. We are definitely enjoying our trip.

  4. My old girl really loved her bed and without it she just wasn't comfortable...very nervous dog...just like me I guess. lol. Glad everything worked out. We missed you the other night. Have a great holiday and hopefully I'll see you soon. Take care.

    1. Thanks Leah. I hear your home is as creatively decorated as one might expect of you. I look forward to seeing it some time soon.


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