Sunday, March 11, 2012

Preparing a New Journal to Go

 I've been preparing a new journal to take along with me on a bit of an 'escape'.  I started with 9" x 12" sheets of watercolour paper.  I folded them in half (one at a time to get the best crisp fold), nested them into one another and then sewed them together by stitching down the centre fold on my sewing machine (I used the longest stitch possible and a good strong thread).

The next step was to pull out some stencils and my watercolour paints and just start to play.

I love the tone on tone effect of these numbers overlapping one another in various shades of aquas and blues.

This page got a bit dark at one point so I used a dampened paper towel and brought it back to what you see here.  I also like that it resulted in softer lines and shapes.
 I started this page by stamping the stamp using a deep brick coloured stamp pad.  I inked the stamp once and then stamped it five times, letting it gradually fade out as it went up the page.  I then reversed it on the facing page so that the dark image is at the top fading down to light.
 This page was all about creating lines and streaks in those beautiful pink tones.  I can see using some of those lines for some beautiful lettering.
 I see some Van Gogh 'Starry Night' coming out of this page.  I went a little further with this page, already adding some more stamping to get more texture.
 Simple pale blue with a bit of brown stamping.  I love that stamp!
I'm craving a Tequila Sunrise...hmmm, I haven't had one of those since my misspent youth! LOL
 I was playing with colour mixing here, but the green really didn't come through as much as I might have expected.
Not sure what happened here, but this page might end of being a close-up of some weird face or something.  I feel some funky eyes looking at me...
More stamping and a fun bit of striped gaffer tape on the spine of the journal.  

The next step is to add more elements, texture, stamping, etc. to the pages before I actually start to journal.  Of course, it's been made to fit perfectly into my 'Journal on the Go' cover so I can take it with me while I'm travelling, pens, markers, homemade washi tape and all!


  1. Holy smokes...your blog is AMAZING...WOW! Glad I found it! S l o w l y working my way thru the LLove classes myself and enjoying it. I like your pages above and wondering if you made a heavier cover for it?? Or is it just the paper you folded? Thanks and I am your newest follower :)

    1. Hi Jane. Thank you!! Thanks for the wonderful compliment and also for becoming my newest follower. The cover on this journal is the same watercolour paper I used for all of the pages. I did reinforce the spine with some gaffer tape.


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