Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine Hearts

Valentine Art Quilts  8" x 10"
 Thanks to a recent post by Terri Stegmiller I was inspired to make some little Valentine art quilts.  Terri does have a tutorial if you're interested, but I chose not to use it.  I just don't seem to be able to follow patterns - instead, I tend to look at the picture and then just do my own thing. I probably should have read Terri's tutorial because I think I like her's better, but it was fun playing around in the studio for the afternoon, so what the heck.  

My friend Diane sent me a lovely birthday card and there was a wonderful bonus in that the envelop was made with this wonderful 'love' paper (plain on the outside, but the 'love' text was on the inside).  I took the envelop apart, tore some of it into small bits and added it to the neutral fabric I used for the background.  Thanks Diane :0)

Close up of 'love' paper


  1. You can usually discover wonderful things by just going for it and doing what you think. I'm so happy I inspired you....these turned out great, in my opinion!

    1. Thanks and also thanks again for the great idea.

  2. beautiful! I'd love to see some more closeups.


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