Thursday, July 21, 2011

Birth Announcement on the Lake

I've been keeping busy doing a lot of cycling (30 km per day), kayaking, and photography (but sadly almost no fibre art).

We had 2 new baby loons hatch on the lake the other day and I was lucky enough to get a wonderful photo of papa feeding one of the babies.  The other baby is between the parents and therefore can't be seen but I think it's a wonderful photo (I can just hear my husband's voice in my head as he says, "Self praise is no praise.", but oh well!)


  1. How wonderful to see this family and great photos, thanks for sharing them!

  2. Linda, these are gorgeous! Imagine being able to capture all this! Super job! Where on the lake did you find these? Amazing! Your photography is lovely. Kathy

    1. Thanks Kathy. Photography has become another passion. Art Everyday!


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