Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dogs Welcome!

There's a wonderful little coffee shop here in Georgetown called the Silvercreek Espresso Bar.  In addition to having great coffee (free trade too!) and other beverages and foods, they welcome their customers with dogs.  Just as you enter, before actually entering the coffee shop itself, there is a little lobby area in which they have put a table and chairs for their dog walking customers.  It's a wonderful place to stop for a rest with my 11 yr. old golden retriever, Casey, before the walk back home.  There's a post to tie the dog up while I go in and get my coffee, and they provide a water dish and doggie treat for Casey.

 I was inspired to create these two signs to replace the simple paper notes they had as a thank you for their consideration of people like me who are out with our dogs.  It's a great place to enjoy the air conditioning this time of year or to warm up in the cooler weather.  They also have a couple of tables outside for those days when the weather encourages the sidewalk cafe feeling.

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