Saturday, March 26, 2011

Evening Bag

It seems I'm into making bags right now!  I began this bag by sewing silk circles on a wool backing, free motion stitching many times around the circle to allow the circle to bubble up off the surface.  I then added the painted, heat distressed Lutradur circles for some extra interest.  Finally, I made it into a fully lined evening bag.


  1. Hi there, Linda! Happy to see you are blogging. Love your embellished bags and alphabet book!

  2. Welcome to the blog world! The bag is fabulous!

  3. Linda, I love your work and your whole blog. Look forward to more!

  4. Thanks for sending me a link to your new blog. It looks great and so does this bag.

  5. Ditto on welcome to the blog world! Your work is beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us!

  6. Hey Linda - I'm so glad you sent me a notice about your blog - it's GORGEOUS!! I love what you're doing - such beautiful stuff. Makes me want to get my hind end back in the studio (and out from behind this computer)!! Keep up the ultra fantastic work! xx


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